Anti Bullying in Schools

Buddy Bench Australia provides your ideal solution to bullying in schools with the aussie buddy bench seating from BAB Aluminium. Buddy Bench seats are long lasting and easy to maintain.

Over the last two years we have been providing buddy seats to schools across the country for the benefit of children and the school communities.

Primary Schools and High Schools have celebrated the installation of the BAB Buddy Bench seats with their great design and a positive welcome addition to the school playground.

The whole school has embraced the buddy bench seating system as it provides fantastic positive reinforcement of the anti bullying messages to children in schools and the community in general.

An important aspect of anti bullying is the introduction of the physical presence of the buddy seat to provide a real and tangible solution for children in school and to reassure parents that their kids will find a solution to any anti social behaviour in the schoolyard. Moreover, this anti bullying message in the school community is reflected in the broader community with the buddy bench seats programs.

Teachers have discussed the purpose of the Buddy Bench Australia Seat with students to develop a total understanding that it is a place students can sit when they don’t have anyone to play with.The Buddy seat has played an important role in students feeling of belonging and being connected in their school environment.

Students know that they have an important role to play in assisting the buddy bench program

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Aussie Buddy Bench Yellow

Our best-seller, Aussie Buddy Bench in bright yellow.

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Aussie Buddy Bench Green

Another favourite in Aussie Buddy Bench in beautiful green.

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Custom Buddy Bench

Customise your Buddy Bench the way you want to. Click here for all colour variations!


When children feel bullied

If School Children are by themselves they simply walk over to the BAB Buddy Bench and take a seat. A student or teacher will then take the appropriate action to engage with the child on the Buddy Bench and commence a conversation and remove the isolation that child has.
It can act as a peace area where kids can retreat to. And then begins the conflict resolution process. The Buddy Bench gives school children a focal point for better school community and better individual esteem removing concealed negative feelings.