Buddy Bench

At Buddy Bench Australia, we understand the power of a simple seat in transforming the school experience for children. When a child feels alone, they’re encouraged to sit on the BBA Buddy Bench. This action is a gentle signal for peers and educators to approach, engage in conversation, and alleviate the child’s sense of isolation.

The BBA Buddy Bench is more than just a place to sit; it’s a sanctuary for peace and the starting ground for resolving conflicts. It stands as a beacon within the school, promoting a stronger, more inclusive community and bolstering the self-esteem of each child by dispelling hidden anxieties and feelings of loneliness.

Elevate your school’s playground and social environment by integrating the BBA Buddy Bench, a pivotal step toward nurturing a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

To ensure that the Buddy Bench truly feels like part of your school, we offer customizable options to fit your unique spirit and aesthetics:

  • Choice of Sign Colour: Match your school colours or choose a hue that stands out.
  • Choice of Entire Seat Colour: Select a seat colour that represents your school’s identity.
  • Option to Add Your School Logo: Brand the bench with your school logo for that personal touch.
  • Choice of Engraved Plaque: Customize a message or name for the bench, making it a lasting tribute or statement.

Our Buddy Benches are 2 metres long, designed to accommodate children comfortably and foster a welcoming space for interaction and connection.

By choosing a BBA Buddy Bench for your school, you’re not just adding to your playground; you’re making a profound investment in the well-being and connectedness of your student community.

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